Dental Caries (Tooth Decay/Cavities)

Tooth decay is a complex disease…it is not just about eating sweets! It involves how much saliva that you produce (and how good that saliva is), it involves your exposure to fluoride both as the tooth was developing and currently in your daily exposure, it involves the bacteria you were infected with when you were a very young infant and then …a whole lot more.

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Dr. Wolff has conducted research and written extensively on tooth decay, decay risk assessment and on management of the early carious lesion. He lectures world-wide on this subject to thousands of dentists annually. You will be offered the most current diagnostic and management strategy. Believe it or not but tooth decay has changed! 30 years ago, a cavity was a cavity and always needed to be restored (filled). Today it is understood that decay is a continuum that starts with the earliest dissolving of tooth surface. It may become visible as early white spots on the tooth…they look frosty. It is at this time that tooth decay can be best treated and reversed. Even when decay first becomes visible on dental x-rays (radiographs) the disease is reversible! We all know the old dentist’s recommendations “brush, floss and cut down on sweets” Well, that was not very successful for many…today Dr. Wolff and his team are successfully at helping you reduce your risk of getting decay and even more successful at reversing early decay using the best in evidence supported techniques!